Hiring A Licensed Tradie Vs DIY Home Renovations

The question of hiring a licensed tradie for your home renovations or going DIY is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. Your answer will have a great impact on the budget, timeframe and final result of your renovation. Read our list of benefits and risks of going professional or choosing to DIY to decide which is the right option for you and your family.

DIY home renovations

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Benefits Of Using A Licensed Tradie

Save Money

DIY home renovations make it much easier to go over budget if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Mistakes could end up costly or you may spend dollars on items and equipment that aren’t necessary for your renovation. 

A licensed tradie will save you money by getting it right the first time. They’ll have the experience needed to know how to get the job done as cost-effectively as possible. You’ll also be aware of how much the final cost will likely be according to the original quote in your contract.

Faster Renovation Process

Licensed tradies have the experience to get renovation jobs done much faster than you will be able to accomplish. It’s common for large reno projects to drag on for weeks or even months. A tradie can fast-track the process by expertly completing each task on-time and staying on schedule every step of the way.

Correct Tools And Equipment

It can be difficult to know exactly what tools and equipment will be required to get a renovation job done. A trip to the local hardware store could easily result in a ton of wasted cash on the wrong purchases. A licensed tradie will know what is required to successfully achieve the results you want. They’ll have state-of-the-art equipment that meet industry standards and can quickly get to work and save you time and money.

Minimise Safety Risks

Renovating your home can be a dangerous job and safety should be paramount. Tradies will have all of the relevant qualifications and licenses required to safely perform any type of renovation task, such as electricity, plumbing, building, air conditioning installation and gasfitting. It is illegal in Australia to do these jobs yourself as you risk serious injury to you and your family.

Covered By Insurance

If something goes wrong, a licensed tradie offers peace of mind by being fully insured. With public liability insurance, your home may be covered if the tradie causes damage through a fault of their own or if they are injured while working on-site. Always check that your trades person has insurance before starting any renovation project.

Professional Results

You may be able to achieve pretty good results with your DIY home reno. It could also end up going wrong and cost you thousands of extra dollars to fix it. Tradies are highly skilled in their craft and are much more likely to get it right the first time. They’re trained to deliver professional results that are both impressive and meet your specified timeframe and budget.

Risks Of Using A Licensed Tradie

Unreliable Tradies

There’s nothing worse than hiring tradies for your home renovation only to discover they are unreliable, unmotivated and lack the skills needed to successfully complete your project. You should always ask your tradies questions about their qualifications and experience before you hire them as well as check their references and reviews from past clients.

Going Over Budget

Sometimes, the initial price you were quoted for your renovation can end up being far greater than what you anticipated. While this can happen due to unforeseen circumstances, it can also happen because cost guidelines were not properly identified before work began.

A handwritten contract signed by both parties should thoroughly outline the entire project, including quote, price breakdown and scope. This way, everyone will know what is expected and can work within the stated budget.

Benefits Of DIY Home Renovations

Can Be Cheaper

The most common reason for going with a DIY route is to save money. Homeowners on a tight budget often decide to renovate their home themselves in order to save dollars by sourcing materials and equipment from low-cost suppliers, such as local hardware stores, antique stores and markets.

licensed tradie for home renovations
DIY home renovations

More Creative Control

One of the major benefits of DIY renovation is having complete control over the final look of your home. From colour choices and design to materials and texture, you’ll have greater flexibility and the chance to add a ‘personal touch’ to your home. Not to mention, a huge sense of achievement having accomplished everything yourself!

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ndis tradies

Im looking for a NDIS Approved tradesperson

Im looking for a Licensed and Approved trades person

Im a Licensed and insured tradie looking for work

Risks Of DIY Home Renovations

Waste Time And Money

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the chances are higher of making a mistake that could spell catastrophe for your schedule and budget. Any problems will need to be fixed which will cost more money and delay the renovation until everything is resolved.

renovation builders
renovation builders

Increased Safety Risk

Without proper licenses and qualifications, you could install or build something incorrectly and compromise the safety of the home and your family. For example, a poorly built frame can result in a weakening of the structural integrity of your home which will lead to far greater issues down the track.

We’ll Connect You With Licensed Tradies

At Trades U Can Trust, we firmly believe that hiring a licensed tradie is the most cost-effective way to go when you’re renovating your home. We specialise in finding the best tradies across Australia and connecting them with homeowners in their local area who need their services and eliminate the risks listed above when using a tradesperson for your renovations.

Here’s why our clients trust us to hire tradies:

Highly Reviewed Tradies

All of our tradies are licensed, fully insured and come highly recommended by locals in your community

Stress-Free Process

We handle the entire process and take the stress out of hiring tradies

We Keep Dollars Local

We support locals working for locals

Free Service

Our service is free for clients

5 Star Company

We deliver personalised customer service and outstanding results every time

Start Your Home Renovations Today

We’ll help you kickstart your home renovation by hiring a licensed tradie to make your dreams come true. We source tradies across Australia and can match you up with a qualified professional in your local area today. Fill out our contact form for more information and to get the process started.

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