9 Tips to Providing High Levels Of Customer Service As A Tradie

You may have a fantastic product or service to sell, but if your customer service is unreliable, slow and unhelpful, you’ll lose clients over it. That’s one big reason why investing in customer service is the key to long-term business success.
By offering fast, effective customer service, you increase your chances of gaining new leads, retaining customers, increasing sales and building a reputable company people can count on.
Here are our top 9 tips to providing high levels of customer service as a tradie.

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Tips for Great Customer Service

Respond Quickly

Responding within a short amount of time to customer queries is a big part of providing excellent tradie customer service. Nobody likes to wait days for an answer to their question. Delayed responses or no response at all is the fastest way to lose a potential customer’s business.

Speed should be of the essence. If a new customer contacts you, make sure you return their call or reply to their email as quickly as possible, even if it’s just to touch base and agree upon a scheduled time to discuss things further. This shows that you care about the person’s interest in your business and value the idea of doing work for them.

Be Active On Social Media

These days, a business is expected to be active on multiple social media platforms and demonstrate a willingness to keep their customers engaged and educated. This means regularly posting written content, photos, updates, comments and videos on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Customers will often ask questions in the comments of a social media post. Not only is this more convenient for the customer, it’s a handy way to get a direct answer from a business in a shorter amount of time.

Make sure you or one of your team maintains an active presence on your social media channels and checks comments regularly. If your reply is too lengthy or complex to post on social media, encourage the customer to get in contact with you via email or phone where you can resolve it promptly.

Personalise Your Service

Around 40% of customers say that they want better human service. In a world of digital technology, it’s easy to treat each customer the same as the last and give them the unpleasant feeling they are nothing more than just a ticket number.

One of our best customer service tips for tradies is to always remember to treat your customers like real people. This means taking the time to listen to their issue and coming up with thoughtful solutions that are just right for them. Individualise each online response and be as helpful as possible.

Make First Contact

When a client has expressed interest in hiring you for your services, it’s important that you make first contact with them as soon as possible. Leaving them hanging for days, or worse, not calling them back at all, is bad manners and will undoubtedly have them turning elsewhere for help.

Give your potential customer a call as quickly as work allows it. Remember to be pleasant, introduce yourself to them and thank them for taking an interest in your business.

Take the time to listen carefully to their needs and give them your undivided attention. When arranging a time to meet, consider the client’s schedule and come to an agreement that will work for both of you.

Confirm Appointments

Depending on your trade, it may be a good idea to confirm any appointments with your client 24 hours ahead of time.

Confirmations are a friendly reminder to the client of the meeting that has been arranged between you. This could involve you giving them a quick call to confirm or sending an email or SMS.

This also gives the client a chance to change or cancel the meeting if they need to.

Show Up On Time

This is one of our most important tradie customer service tips – show up on time! Tradies have a bad reputation for being unreliable and showing up later than had previously been arranged.

When you agree on a time, stick to it. This will demonstrate your reliability, professionalism and motivation to start work. Make sure you be as specific as possible so they know exactly when to expect you.

If for any reason you think you might be late, let the client know as early as possible. This will keep them in the know and give them time to rearrange their schedule if necessary.

Communicate Regularly

Keep in touch with your client regularly throughout the entire process. Let them know what you will be doing at each stage of the project, when you have completed it and how they can expect to benefit from it. When the job’s done, be available for any further questions or concerns.

Use clear, effective communication that gets straight to the point and explains everything the customer needs to know. This is especially important during the contract stage where both parties need to understand exactly what the project entails and how much it will cost.

Get Consistently Great Reviews

Highly rated reviews are another way you can provide good customer service. Reviews form bonds of trust between your business and potential customers and let them know you are reliable and can deliver the results they need.

This includes reviews on your Facebook page as well as your Google My Business listing.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Most people will respond better to a happy tradie with a positive attitude and will be more likely to do work with you again in the future.

Make a lasting impression on your customer. Show up with an upbeat personality, a friendly smile and a few words of kindness. When things go wrong, don’t get angry about it. Keep your cool and resolve issues professionally and with patience.

It also helps to go the extra mile and provide customers with knowledgeable advice and resourceful solutions even when they don’t ask for it.

Give Your Customers The Service They Deserve

Wow your clients with these 9 tips for providing high levels of customer service as a tradie. With some simple changes to your company, you can offer an unforgettable experience to your customers that will have them coming back to you the next time they need work done.
Contact Trades U Can Trust and let us take the stress out of finding leads in your local area today.

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ndis tradies

Im looking for a NDIS Approved tradesperson

Im looking for a Licensed and Approved trades person

Im a Licensed and insured tradie looking for work

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